Over the years that I’ve been sober, I’ve started and stopped working on several books.  In true alcoholic fashion, I’ll get a brainstorm, do some work on one of them, then get bored and move on! 🙂   This section of the site will house the books I have finally got up off my butt (read: did enough inventory to let God take from me the defect of sloth (procrastination)) and finished!  I am making them available free to view/print/download.  I hope you get as much joy from reading them as God gave me in writing them. May God bless you as you trudge the “Road of Happy Destiny.”

Helpful Hints:

    3D FlipBooks in this library WILL work on mobile devices, but are best read on a laptop/desktop computer.  Any book in this library can be downloaded as a PDF or printed by using the appropriate icon in the FlipBook panel at the bottom of each book.


“Under The Hood”

[Released Monday, July 25, 2022] “By the grace of God, I’m excited to release my second ebook to the world, Under The Hood which is a 38-page reflection on Steps 6 & 7.  I believe that while all 12 Steps are important to my recovery, for me, a personal and daily relationship with these two Steps are the meat and substance of my program today.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.” – Rick W.


“The Last 161 Words”

[Released Tuesday, May 26, 2020] “By the grace of God, I’m excited to release my first book to the world, The Last 161 Wordswhich is a reflection on the last three (3) paragraphs of “A Vision For You” found on page 164 of the book, Alcoholics Anonymous (our Big Book).  The last three paragraphs contain all twelve (12) of our steps, and they are filled with some of the most beautiful promises, prayers, actions, and warnings I’ve ever seen, heard, or read.  It is my hope that this quick read (20 pages) will open your eyes to a whole new experience of the last 161 words that Bill W. wrote in our basic text.” – Rick W.