Listen to these guided meditations for A.A. members.  While I don’t claim to be perfect at meditating, I know that it is spiritual progress and not spiritual perfection.  I hope they are useful to you as you begin (or continue) YOUR meditation journey and as you deepen your relationship with Step 11.  God bless!

Comments from Listeners:

  • “It was an awesome experience! I loved it. It was short and simple but rewarding at the same time!” – Paula B.
  • “OMG! I fell back to sleep and was late for work that so relaxing! Your voice was really soothing and relaxing thank you so much for all you do for this program.” – Joe V.
  • “The meditation was good. Practical for anywhere anytime. I’d listen again for sure. And would love to hear more.” – Dana W.
  • “Really enjoyed it, and appreciated the explanation of your experience around getting into meditation.  Also, for the newcomer, a smaller amount of time to be welcomed to the practice. Your voice is great for this, really soothing, and welcoming.” – Will B.
  • “Your audio exercise has been a blessing and a timely reminder of back to basics meditation. Whether listening to my breathing, your calming voice, the silence, waves, chimes, or the wind, I always hear God’s loving reassurance that “all is well”. And all I need to do is practice this spiritually obedient ritual of being still. Thank you.” – Tina P.
  • “Thanks Rick so much for this. I listened to the meditation and I really like it. Your voice is so strong yet soothing. Thanks for all that share with us. Appreciate you.” – Suzie J.