Southwest Regional Forum Presentations

Southwest Regional Forum Presentations

Southwest Regional Forum Presentations

Greetings family…

As many of you may know, I am currently serving the Fellowship of A.A. in the General Service structure as the Panel 73 Delegate for Area 65 Northeast Texas. This past weekend, the Southwest Region had our “Southwest Regional Forum” in El Paso, Texas and delegates, staff, and trustees in attendance gave some wonderful presentations that I wanted to share.

Click the button below to access a shared drive where you will be able to have access to two folders of presentations. If you have any issues accessing them, please let me know at and I will be happy to send them to you.

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  • “The Responsibility Statement – A Ripple Effect” – Debbie H. A 39 W. Missouri
  • “Transparency the Key to Unity” – Jeannie M. A4 Arkansas
  • “Our Service Structure at Work” – Sarah M. A10 Colorado
  • “Roles and Responsibilities of Service Positions and Impact on the Homegroup” – Shellia D. A 66 NW Texas
  • “Self-Support” – Ryan F. A 57 Oklahoma
  • “Leadership – The Ninth Concept of Service” – Rick W. A 65 NE Texas
  • “Using the Concepts in Your Homegroup” – Becca H. A 38 E. Missouri


  • “What to Expect – First Timers Orientation” – Teresa J., Class B Southwest Regional Trustee
  • “General Service Board – Role of Class A/B Trustee” – Teresa J., Class B Southwest Regional Trustee
  • “A.A.W.S. Director” – Deb K., Class B Trustee, A.A.W.S. Director
  • “A.A. Grapevine Director” – Paz P., Class B Trustee, Grapevine Director
  • “La Viña” – Paola M., La Viña Editor
  • “A.A. Around the World” – Marita R., Class B Trustee at Large U.S.
  • “History of G.S.O.” – Bob W., G.S.O. General Manager
  • “G.S.O. Staff Presentation” – Michael R., G.S.O., Staff Assignment (CPC)
  • “Around the Picnic Table (Treasurer’s Report)” – Kevin Prior, Class A Trustee, GSB Treasurer

In love & service,

Rick W.


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